Erika who had a great time with making a difference in the world

By: Erika Shook

“This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! The farm was beautiful and truly felt like home even though I was only there for a short period of time (2 weeks). I wish I could have stayed longer. Maarten and Hanneke were so friendly and truly made everyone feel welcome. All the other students and myself became very close very quickly and I made great friends. The work itself was extremely rewarding and felt as though I really was making a difference in the world. One of my favorite projects being done was the reforestation project where I actively participated in re-growing a rainforest (planting trees).

This project will do and already is doing great things for environmental research. The project exceeded any expectations I had. Also, the food was delicious, cooked by a local from the village, and accommodations were very comfortable. I felt safe and at home at all times and everyone was very helpful in coordinating weekend activities. Tapa (our guide, truly the best) brought us to a beautiful waterfall one weekend. I would recommend this to anyone that is passionate about the planet and interested in meeting other people who have that same passion. It was very nice.”

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